Educational Guidelines

All the educational activities of the Institute are defined and determined by the role that education can play in the sustainable development of mountain areas. The Institute's intervention in this critical area of education will be based on its ability to ensure an effective and fruitful link between Research - Action - Development. This link will help to ensure that mountain communities have the necessary knowledge, methods, but also the competences and skills they need to actively participate with their managers and actors in planning the future of the mountain.

Both the objectives and the Institute's actions in the field of education aim, on the one hand, to contribute to the quality of education provided in mountain areas, and on the other hand, to make education an essential background and actor in the search for solutions for life in the mountains. The Institute's activities in the field of education will therefore be based on two axes:

  • of academia and
  • of the social and business education sectors, integrating local schools, local training and higher education.

Education has two directions:

α) flexible forms of higher education with the aim of forming managers and animators for the development of mountain areas and

β) training and lifelong learning for the inhabitants and actors of mountain areas.

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Educational Activities and Programs

Professional Training - Education

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