Institute Council

The Council of the MountMed Institute is the highest governing body of the Institute. It is responsible for the management and control of the administrative and financial affairs, as well as the property of the Institute. In addition, it is responsible for implementing the Institute's strategy, in close cooperation with the Scientific Council. The Council is composed of leading personalities from the academic, political and business worlds: 

George Lakkotrypis, President

George David

Ionas Nicolaou

Michalis Papadopoulos

Andreas Christou

John Papadouris

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council, although subject to the powers of the Institute's Council, is responsible for formulating and evaluating the implementation of the Institute's Strategy, reporting to the Institute's Council. It also guides the orientation, selection and monitoring of actions in the areas of research, training and interventions. The Scientific Council is composed of renowned researchers, academics and experts from the international arena:

Barjolle Dominique

Thomas Dax

Dimitris Gousios

Francois Lerin

Laurent Rieutort

Andreas Makris

Orientation Committee

The Orientation Committee is an advisory body to the Council but mainly to the Scientific Council with which it elaborates the Institute's orientations. Its role is to ensure the smooth functioning of the Institute's research, education and intervention areas.

Support Mechanism


Charalambos Miris, Executive Manager of MountMed Institute

Antreas Naziris, Administrative Officer of MountMed Institute

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