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The Institute of Research and Development for Mountain Regions of the Mediterranean Islands - MountMed Institute was established to support the regeneration of the mountainous areas of Cyprus and the Mediterranean islands. The main purpose of the Institute is the research and study of all issues concerning the Mediterranean island mountain areas, such as society, economy, demography, culture, environment, etc. The results of this project will support the design of integrated sustainable development interventions and innovative initiatives in these regions.
Through its activities, the Institute is expected to contribute to strengthening the resilience of mountain communities. It will also protect the wealth of biological and cultural diversity and support adapted solutions and sustainable transformation processes, especially in the highly sensitive social-ecological systems of the Mediterranean island mountainous regions. In addition, to be a driving force for the promotion of sustainable development projects involving local actors and finding innovations that take into account the specificities and concerns of their local areas.
The MountMed Institute through scientific and technical support and coordination will support the formulation of appropriate policies and local, national and international plans, based on the principles and strategies of the European Union, the United Nations and other international organizations to address contemporary challenges (climate change, new technologies, renewable energy sources, etc.).
The Institute for Research and Development of Mediterranean Island Regions, giving particular importance to its activities in Cyprus, adopts the National Strategy for the Development of Mountain Communities (ΕΣΑΟΚ), the first approved national policy for the mountainous area of Cyprus, making it the basic framework of mountain policy in which it integrates its activities.
Finally, at European level, the Institute is inspired and defined by the dynamics of the European Conference "Mountainous areas of large Mediterranean islands: European challenges, national and regional policies and local mechanisms" which took place in Cyprus in 2020.The conclusions of this Conference, formulated in the "Troodos Declaration", demonstrated the interest and maturity of promoting the convergence of approaches and methods for the planning of sustainable development in mountain areas.

Vision - Mission

Taking into account the situation of mountainous areas in Cyprus and the rest of the EU, the policy framework that defines the principles, objectives and fields of intervention, as well as the consultations held with the members of the Institute and with multiple actors from the public, social and private sectors, the following vision for the Institute is formulated, formulated and adopted:

Mobilizing and combining the right knowledge and action
to design the mountain of the future

The Institute has, based on the will of the founders, the situation in the island mountains and the favorable external environment that determines the development of the mountain areas, a specific mission and consequently defined related objectives:

Contribute and coordinate the transfer of knowledge, methods and funding for the sustainable development
of the Mediterranean island mountains and Cyprus in particular

The overall objective of the Strategy is to make the Institute a central reference organization for scientific knowledge and its dissemination in the field of the development of the mountainous island regions of the Mediterranean.

Principles and Values

The operation of the Institute, in fulfilling its objectives, will be based on the principles of interdisciplinarity, interdisciplinary approach, scientific independence, research ethics and equal cooperation.

Continuity of processes between the use, production and dissemination of knowledge

Interdisciplinarity as opposed to specialization

Relevance of methods, research facilities and quality of research, expertise and representations

Development Strategy

The Institute has expressed the will, through its objectives, to promote a strategy capable of contributing to the substantial transformation of mountain society and not to a marginal change of the current situation. The overall strategy of the Institute is to make it a gateway for the sustainable development of the mountain communities of the Mediterranean islands, mainly at local level but also at national and international level.
The intervention of the MountMed Institute seeks to be proactive, focused and with tangible results. Therefore the Institute, taking into account the difficulties encountered in mountain areas and the new perspectives that are opening up, is based on:

  • research in the fields of diagnosis of the issues and perspectives of mountain communities, participatory planning, the development of innovative solutions for life and production in mountain communities and the general exploitation of technological advances,
  • education both in academia and in the fields of social and business education,
  • implementing actions and at the same time supporting the regions to develop the skills, knowledge and techniques necessary to plan their endogenous development.

However, what is sought and constitutes an innovative approach is the articulation between these axes - research, education and implementation of actions in the mountain area. The central aim is to support the direct involvement of mountain residents and actors in planning, consultation and decision-making. The operational program built on these three axes includes actions that are the component of this focus of the Institute. The Institute, adopting the principle of participatory planning, will mobilize its resources and means in this direction. At the same time, the Institute, through its Operational Plan, promotes actions that focus on the link between territorial intelligence and territorial engineering (Intelligence - Ingenierie).

Finally, of great importance for the Institute is the organization of its course in cooperation with partners with similar concerns and willingness to contribute to the regeneration of the mountainous areas of Cyprus, the Mediterranean and the European Union. It invites partners to a common effort through an effective and transparent networking.

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