Benefactors - Heirs - Donors

Benefactors - heirs

The MountMed Institute is registered under the Companies Law of the Republic of Cyprus as a non-profit company with a social, humanitarian character and seeks to fulfill its objectives in cooperation as far as possible with other institutions and organizations within the framework of full political, financial autonomy and transparency.

The choice of non-profit creation mainly reflects a humanitarian and political commitment supported by a public utility rationale. The pursuit of activity in a selfless manner is primarily aimed at satisfying social needs. Therefore, the non-profit effect appears mainly as an ideal. This is because when the state cannot take care of all the social needs of its society, the action of private individuals in favor of those in need is fundamental and gives value to social solidarity.

The attraction of private resources for the implementation by the Institute of integrated interventions and individual actions in the mountainous areas of Cyprus and the Mediterranean island regions is a challenge. This objective embodies values and principles that enhance the social dimension of the role of a non-profit organization.

The Institute invites anonymous and anonymous benefactors, heirs and donors to support its work and to climb the future of the mountains together. At the same time, it invites all those who can offer back to the mountains knowledge, experience, skills and a little of their time to join the Institute's Thematic Scientific Groups or Voluntary Action Groups as members.

Below are the benefactors - heirs - donors of the Institute:

Giannakis Papadouris Foundation:
The Giannakis Papadouris Foundation, following the spirit of the great benefactors of Hellenism, has contributed financial support for the establishment and operation of the Institute. At the same time, it has bequeathed a significant amount of money to make its operation possible during the first years of its establishment. In addition, Mr. Papadouris has personally offered the private property for use by the Institute and will cover all costs for the establishment of the administration facilities.

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