Interventions and support for mountain areas in planning their endogenous development

The field of "applications" is a special field for the Institute since the public, social and private sectors coexist in it. This means that the Institute's intervention should be organized accordingly. On the one hand, it will develop and propose methods and tools adapted to the new planning principles (participatory) and new development models (sustainable and territorial development). On the other hand, it will seek to intervene by seeking and combining funding originating from the Institute, the financial instruments of national and European policies and, finally, from other bodies, institutions and organizations.

Intervention in the mountain area focuses on innovative areas: the construction of unique territorial resources, sustainable management of the relationship between natural resources and human activities, new forms of governance and effective support mechanisms. These actions are part of the principles of sustainable and territorial development and will cover the areas of entrepreneurship, art and culture, education, health and sport, and social welfare.

Methods of diagnosis and participation

Action plans


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